About Pelican Pete's Pistachios


After years of hearing comments from family and friends, "you should be selling these."  We decided to take their advice.  Award winning barbecue from our front door to yours!  We have been in the restaurant industry for more than a decade, but the move to selling our first product online has been a journey.  We tried many different pistachios to find the best for our smoker.  We waded through lots of government paperwork and inspections to obtain the right permits and license.  We have investigated several locations to both smoke and package the pistachios.  And that is just the beginning...the end of the story is short but sweet, we get to do what we enjoy the most - share our tasty smoked pistachios with you.

Pelican Pete's Pistachios come from Pelican Rapids, MN.  They are locally manufactured right here in the heart of lakes country.  In fact, if you find yourself driving through town you can find them at The Muddy Moose, Riverview Floral, Heart O'lakes Meats, and Ye Olde Schoolhouse.

Pelican Pete's Pistachios is family owned and operated.  Meet our team!  CJ (Dad) is the BBQ expert and he has developed the recipe for our delicious smoked pistachios.  He has four smokers and counting.  Bridgette (Mom) decided that we should share this unique product online and hope to keep ahead of Dad in the accounting department, if you know what I mean.   Together they smoke and package the sweet and spicy pistachios after hours at the restaurant.  The girls help with labeling and shipping.  Even the dogs walk back and forth to the post office with us.

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Fill your pouch with Pelican Pete's Pistachios!

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