Who is Pelican Pete?

The world's largest pelican, Pelican Pete, stands at the base of the Mill Pond dam in downtown Pelican Rapids, MN.  He measures 15 1/2 feet tall and with the river water rapidly rushing over the dam, it makes him seem even taller.  Pelican Pete celebrated his 60th birthday in August, 2017.


It's a deliberate death trap. The fish tumble over the dam, disoriented, see the Mother of All Pelicans eyeing them, and get hooked by a ten year old.

Nearby the Pelican, there are some odd artifacts from a previous civic celebration: a 9-ft. tall rusting replica of the Seattle Space Needle, a halfhearted attempt at a windmill, and a steel suspension footbridge that looks like a full-size bridge.

Update - August 2007: "Pelican Pete," the world's largest pelican, celebrated its 50th birthday on August 18, 2007.

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